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Nov 29, 2011

Tuesday on the DahlCast we recapped last night's Monday Night FootDahl party at Haymarket. I also checked out a new tea recommended by Paul Natkin. The staff recapped their Thanksgiving weekends, which included some bad bratwurst for Brendan and a fat I

Nov 29, 2011

Monday on the DahlCast Brendan reported from Maggie Daley's funeral, even though we could see the whole thing on TV. We talked to Tom Thayer about yesterday's bummer of a Bears game and also the trip to Oakland. Janet came down to the studio to talk about

Nov 25, 2011

A special Thanksgiving DahlCast from the Archives. A young Pat Dahl accompanies Steve to the studio on Thanksgiving. Steve is annoyed that he's working on his favorite holiday and that Larry Lujack is still hanging around well after his show is over. down

Nov 24, 2011

On Wednesday's DahlCast we talked to Jeff Joniak about his Thanksgiving plans and Sunday's Bears at Oakland game. Buzz Kilman called in to talk about his Thanksgiving plans and warn us of the dangers of wheat. Then the Steve Dahl Players performed the of

Nov 23, 2011

Tuesday on the DahlCast the staff got settled in with their in-show snacks. Then ESPO1 called in to talk about the new gift subscriptions we'll be offering. I read an article about a break-in at Kenny Williams' house. Then we talked to Frank Sennett about