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Mar 31, 2012

Steve's good friend Eric Lowen, of Lowen & Navarro passed away last Friday. This week's Descent into the Archives featured one of their many appearances on the show over the years. Steve jams on Aloha Friday with Eric and Dan and then they do a few of own

Mar 30, 2012

Whatever weight Pete's cat is losing, Steve is finding in Florida. Lemur is either on a diet or there are no more mice for him to catch. Steve previews some of the songs he's rerecorded for his new album. Red pants are making a comeback but Cutler was way

Mar 29, 2012

Every once in a while Steve runs into someone who thinks he's sending them secret messages via the show. That's how he met Pete and Jim! It's impossible for Steve to have a girlfriend in Florida because the condo building is crawling with Joliats. Brendan

Mar 28, 2012

Steve is genuinely bummed that Luck has been cancelled. Is Brendan going to cross something off of Pete's bucket list? #KUBoobs goes viral but it'd be nice if Ashley Judd came back with something from Kentucky, and without dudes. Steve learns the hard way

Mar 27, 2012

Steve checks in with Kevin Matthews, who is trying to entertain a gentleman caller. Unfortunately ESPO1 is nowhere to be found. Steve and Kev trace Ed's whereabouts in Grand Rapids through Twitter. Then Ed calls in to bust the cherry on the new three-way