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Jul 31, 2012

If your muscles are tired and achy, the DahlCast has the medicine that we you are looking for. Don’t bother running out to the store for some Bengay to help you combat those firecracker burns on your buttocks, just schedule an appointment with Ben Gay and

Jul 30, 2012

Welcome to Monday at the DahlCast studios. Today we take you around the world and explore all kinds of hijinx and tomfoolery from across our large planet. Inspired by the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, Steve really got into the parade of nations and stories

Jul 27, 2012

If you need some new topics, stories or items to fixate upon, today’s DahlCast will be a huge help to you. Some things are just fascinating, whether we intend them to be or not. Steve couldn’t help but focus on a story on CNN this morning from Dr. We a

Jul 26, 2012

If you’re in the job market, earlier in the week we posted some great jobs that may be available here at the DahlCast studios. On today’s show we are going to show you how to improve the “Special Skill and Talent” portion of your resume and land the job a

Jul 25, 2012

Feeling lonely on this particular Wednesday afternoon? Allow Steve Dahl to provide you with some excellent ways to connect to people from all over the country. We talk through some really excellent ideas on today’s show. A good way to connect with your