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Dec 31, 2013

...And with a flick of Aaron Rodgers' wrist, the Bears' season was over. Tom Thayer relives a memorable Soldier Field battle from his vantage point, yet spreads hope for the future. Steve learns the secret to sports radio and deems this season

Dec 21, 2013

It's Christmas time on the Dahlcast! Stolen wreaths, Duck Dynasties...Small engine yak, with Jeff Joniak...Janet's decor, drive-thru weed store...YMCA, is it gay? It's Christmas time on the Dahlcast. Subscribe now!

Dec 20, 2013

Larry Lujack has passed away. Today's Dahlcast is dedicated to the many confrontations Steve had with Larry. Included is audio from Larry busting into Steve and Garry's studio as well as Larry's "Truth about Steve Dahl" segment. Send of

Dec 19, 2013

Brendan was on "On Sight" (site) at the United Center Yeezus concert last night. Speaking of sights to see, a Blackhawks ice girl gives us an eyeful, Steve, Joe and Brendan choose their favorite it Kate or Pippa? Steve plays a a

Dec 18, 2013

Today's Dahlcast features a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a Dahl family Vienna Beef clip. It's clear Steve must work on taking direction from his son. Leonardo DiCaprio takes direction well, and dishes on the sex scenes for "The Wolf