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Oct 31, 2013

Trick out your Halloween celebration with a handful of today's Dahlcast. You'll hear Satan reveling in the evil festivities and Steve shuddering in fear at the frightful thought of a Tori Spelling sex tape. Also, Janet treats us with an in now

Oct 30, 2013

Richard Lewis loves the freedom afforded him on Steve's show. The legendary comedian is on the phone with his typical stream of anxiety and LOL-worthy anecdotes. You don't want to miss Richard on today's show! He's in the zone! a

Oct 29, 2013

Horror movie nudity is a scary beautiful phenomenon. Mr. Skin joins today's Dahlcast with his top horror nude scenes just in time for Halloween. Also, a chat with comedian Jimmy Pardo, a Dahl on a moped and a fake R. Kelly named R. Jelly. now

Oct 28, 2013

A happy birthday call to Roger Dahl kicks off today's Dahlcast. Steve's dad hits big number 85. Tom Thayer is also on the line to break down that Megatron performance in the Lions' comeback over the Cowboys. Also: Julianne Hough's and a

Oct 26, 2013

Buzz Kilman is willing to appear at the broadcast HOF ceremony, but only in character as Steve. There's some HOF chat and some classic Buzz tales on today's Dahlcast. Also, Steve and Janet welcome their third grandchild into the world. Also: Klitschko