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Jan 30, 2015

Steve started out with some temper tantrums this morning - He had to honk Janet's horn for her, twice, but the lady deserved the beep. The Czech Republic is not a bastion for scientific research last time we checked & Brendan should've been a lawyer.

Jan 29, 2015

The DahlCast went to the Cumulus party last night & all Steve had to do was stand in one spot and people came to mingle with him. Good thing he wore his custom tailored jacket. Plus, an inappropriate Ask Janet question & she's worried about a spice recall

Jan 28, 2015

Steve & Dag have entered their 'Get off my lawn" phase of life. It's hard to keep the public aggression at bay sometimes, especially with Mr. slick, briefcase toting, Pat Riley look alike dude who took Steve's preferred seat. They're working on letting go

Jan 27, 2015

Steve tried to avoid chitchat on the train this a.m., but it turns out the man was a retired train engineer! WLS newswoman, Jennifer Keiper, sits down with the fellas and regales her days as a perfume gal at Neiman's, and Dag is California dreamin' today.

Jan 26, 2015

Doctors should really take awesomeness into account when figuring your BMI. Steve's getting back on the Lose it! app after a weekend appointment. A sleeper car isn't as fancy as one might think, Chris Martin has lame lyrics, and the Great British Bake off