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Sep 30, 2015

It's international podcast day! Mean Girls was a touchstone moment for Brendan, DahlCast favorite Tami Sagher checks in and we get a peek into the pilot season process, Steve Dahl lore, pedestrian pope traffic, comedy crossover & Brendan is forever young.

Sep 29, 2015

Steve was surprised Brendan overlooked rap news about Fetty Wap, but soon learned more about the one-eyed motorcycle rider than he cared to know. Panama City, People use their hazards for popcorn, a filthy glove, off to a play & brought to you by Wham-O!

Sep 28, 2015

Steve follows the why stand when you can sit adage and much to Janet's chagrin, Steve also wants strangers to follow his parking rules. A dugout fight, Dag's karaoke routine barks up the wrong cowboy, space lobsters, and please, no smoking at the gas pump

Sep 25, 2015

There's no saving seats on the Metra, especially during the Cubs commute hour! Fleeting satisfaction with the Dalai Lama, too many papers in front of Steve, a subject that just won't drop, smash that pumpkin, and the amazing calorie counts at the IHOP.

Sep 24, 2015

Up and down the parking deck Steve goes, where he stops only the perfect parking spot knows. Voice messages are for losers, instant traffic karma, Dag's fridge, Empire wasn't great, Janet made Dahl her legal name, Fall Dahl trip and get Peanutized!