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May 31, 2016

Back in the catbird seat, Steve has mixed feelings about the beach-going youth on the train. Taste Steve’s sausage, by using his recipe! Plus, an unattractive milk queen, hillbilly EDM, and the zoological difference between a mistake and bad parenting.

May 27, 2016

Steve enjoyed a night out with Chicago’s finest media makers at Ron Magers’ retirement party yesterday. Anthony Bourdain and Barack Obama enjoy a beer and some Vietnamese, Ron Lewis zings Steve during a meeting and what’s that Taco Bell secret sauce?

May 26, 2016

What if the DahlCast owned a small market radio station? Steve might be too busy trying to sleep with the sales girls (unless Janet’s in town) to do his live reads! Janet’s on Novocain today and Steve’s hot for a box of toffee he’s hoarding in his office.

May 25, 2016

New nutrition labels are out and this DahlCast provides 100% of your daily chuckles. A pint of ice cream should be considered one serving, a new favorite cracker, boning someone in front of a window unit, Japanese train cars and a Chinese drive-thru bus!

May 24, 2016

O Captain! My Captain! Steve steers the show down the viral stream and believes Chewbacca Mom to be a fake. Nothing wrong with keeping score in kids baseball, and the Dahl boys enjoy mocking Steve’s classic hits, but he doesn’t hear them writing anything