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Mar 27, 2019

I usually edit our files from our combined online session. I always record a backup on my end. I went with the backup instead of the usual separate files today. It's a behind the scenes look at what it sounds like when we lose connection but keep rolling.

Normally, I would try to link up the interrupted sessions and sync up all of the conversation in editing, and sometimes it's time VERY  consuming. When I went back and listened to the recording I made on my Zoom H4n, it sounded well-mixed, and kept all of the funny banter about Dag losing his connection too. Sometimes after the recording connection is lost, we can still hear each other, so that's what's happening there.

You're hearing everything just the way we heard it today in our headphones. I thought you might enjoy it, so I went with it. I know I would like hearing that from somebody else's show. It's like a blooper reel and a show all in one! SD