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Jan 16, 2020

Steve is gifted with a hot dog and onion rings, which drives Rosie crazy. Steve considers a new vocation in mukbanging. Steve doesn’t like to work or fix things after sundown. Janet is dreading the long drive to Florida with Steve and Rosie in two weeks.

Steve is more than happy to drive alone, but no one seems...

Jan 15, 2020

The donuts Brendan brought over are disappearing at a suspicious rate; Dads don’t wear matching family shirts; As Joe returns from his time in Spain, we wonder how to say “return” in Spanish; This Is Us continues to leave Steve on the edge of tears; Steve is the last beacon of Old World Grandpa-ing.


Jan 14, 2020

Everyone shares stories of tragedy and triumph in their respective fields, including Tom, who can still recall every detail of a blown play in the Super Bowl.

Steve and Brendan are recording together today, with a donut for burrito swap on the the table.

Live pre-recorded phone calls spark rock and roll remembrances,...

Jan 13, 2020

Steve is trapped in Apple's "infinite loop". Brendan had quite a weekend up in Wisconsin. He was on a non-skiing ski trip. Luckily, he had his Pizza Pizzazz with him. Steve reads a Michigan Christmas Eve story that will make you not want a piece of bacon.

The guys are a little "footballed out" after watching...

Jan 10, 2020

The guys start the Friday DahlCast off with an examination of 2019 baby names, partly in response to Steve's dismay about the lack of Steves coming down the pike. Diamond Dave has a residency in both Las Vegas and outer space. Steve has some chat trouble.

Brendan is feeling a lot better about the sound system for...